Pro12 | I forgot my tablet's password
In the even you forget your password, you may need to perform a factory reset on your tablet.
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I forgot my tablet’s password

If you have forgotten your password, unfortunately you will need to completely reset your tablet back to factory default. All data will be removed. Your Apps can be re installed from your Google Play store account. Simply log in and go to “all apps” and choose the ones you wish to re install.

Step 1) With the tablet off, hold the volume up button and power button to access the system recovery mode.

Reset Tablet Step 1

Step 2) Hold the buttons down until you have reached this screen. Use the Volume buttons to move down the list. Go to the “wipe data/ factory reset” so that it is highlighted. Once highlighted, select using the power button.


Step 3) A new screen will appear asking you to confirm your selection. Use the volume buttons to confirm “Yes — delete all user data. Use the power button to select.


Step 4) Allow the tablet to erase the system data.


Step 5) Once finished, select “reboot system now” to finish the process.


Step 6) Setup your tablet



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