Pro12 | Saving apps to SD card
Follow the instructions on how to save apps to an SD card.
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Savings apps to SD card / Format SD as Internal Storage

Saving apps to SD card is NOT recommended! To do so, a 128 Gigabyte SD card SanDisk is suggested. If you still wish to continue please see instructions below:

Open Settings

Step 1 - Open Settings

Open Storage & USB

Step 2 - Storage & USB

Press Hold on the SD card option

Step 3 - Press hold on SD card option

Select format as internal option

Step 4 - Select format icon

Erase & format

Step 4 - Select format icon

Wait for the SD card to be formatted

Step 6 - Wait for format

Once formatted, Select the “Move now” option to transfer files over to allow the SD cards to store Apps.

Step 7 - Select move now

Select done to finish the process after it is working. We recommend restarting the unit at this point.

Step 8 - Select done and finish



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